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Making Strides with Strides Horsemanship

Strides Horsemanship provides safe, positive, and kind interactions with horses while setting excellent standards of physical and emotional care.

Accessible, professional, and kind horsemanship instruction for all levels of riders. Strides horsemanship offers lessons for both riders that do not yet own their own horses and those that do. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for frequent updates about our program and upcoming events. 

Leilani competing with her 2023 Mustang Makeover Horse "Coal"

Haul-In Lessons At Strides with Leilani

Lessons are sold in packages of 4 and are $75 per lesson ($300/ 4 lessons)

Receive expert guidance, set goals, receive the accountability you need, and get your horse in a new environment to practice skills you need to succeed. Suitable for intermediate-advanced riders interested in developing a more synergistic experience with their horse. Lessons take place at Strides Horsemanship 2010 48th ave Longview WA 98632.


Ride With Us On The Trail $100 

The team at Strides rides hundreds of miles per year both competitively and recreationally in a variety of environments. Meet us at the trailhead with your horse and ride with us. Work on issues you've been having on the trail with a supportive group of riders. Our group is knowledgeable about tack fit, training of horses on the trail, and much more. Practice leading, following, or traversing various terrain and obstacles.

Strides Horsemanship Cancellation Policy

We at Strides Horsemanship strive to provide the best possible instruction to our students. Your lesson time has been reserved especially for you. We do understand that emergencies can happen, and at times an appointment may need to be canceled or rescheduled.

  • If the student cannot make their regular scheduled time during the week Strides Horsemanship will allow a makeup lesson. Lessons must be canceled 24 hours in advance in order to receive a make-up lesson.

  • Riders are limited to a maximum of 4 make ups per year.


We appreciate your understanding in this matter!

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Photo Jun 24 2023, 11 30 43 AM.jpg
Photo Jun 24 2023, 1 48 30 PM.jpg

We feel so fortunate to have found Strides. Mikkayla is a phenomenal instructor. She is the perfect blend of personable, knowledgeable, patient, firm and most importantly, kind, to both the students and the horses. She encourages independence and responsibility. We gladly drive over an hour each way for our weekly lesson. We could not be happier with our experience at Strides.


-Kalani W

"Josie started taking lessons at Strides Horsemanship in Longview Washington the beginning of June 2023. Josie has been taking Western Dressage lessons with Samantha, I can’t say enough good things about Samantha and her teaching style, she is extremely knowledgeable and Josie is very comfortable with her. Between the start of her lessons with Samantha and Josie’s county fair, mid July, Josie and her horse Tiny had made significant improvements! After county fair Josie and Samantha took the notes from the judges and worked hard to make the improvements needed before state fair at the end of August. Josie and Tiny made significant improvements in the short time from county fair to state fair. Josie ended state fair with the second highest score in her division, she was awarded a medallion ribbon and a blue ribbon with a score of 66.2%. Josie also had the top score in her division for Trail and was awarded a medallion ribbon and a blue ribbon! I see a difference in her everyday riding and am very thankful for what Samantha has taught her and what she continues to teach her!" 


            My daughter has had an interest in horses since she was very young. Horses are not something my family has any experience with. We wanted a way to learn about the realities of horse ownership, finally Strides Horsemanship came to help us fulfill our daughter’s dreams!

            We have been members of Strides Horsemanship since April 2022 and are so grateful for this amazing place. From the experienced rider with their own horses, to the novice, having never seen a horse up close; I have witnessed the passionate instructors give their all to their students week after week.

            Being a member of Strides since the early days of their launch, I have witnessed changes to the way Strides has structured their program. As with any successful program, changes are necessary to meet students’ needs and achieve goals. I have seen the management continually adapting, learning and improving the program at Strides. The passion with which this program is run is second to NONE!

            Over the course of our membership the value has done nothing but increase. The changes made by the management have clearly shown growth in their understanding of operating this unique business. The amount of time my daughter spends actually in the saddle has increased, not to mention the addition of weekly classes to learn the integral parts of tacking as well as it’s proper application. Furthermore, a weekly class on all things horse care is also included with our membership cost. Over and above the previously mentioned instruction included with our membership are show opportunities as well as various clinics in multiple disciplines available, and you DON’T have to own your own horse to take advantage of these amazing experiences!

            The changes made since the beginning of our membership have resulted in my daughter learning more, the opportunity for more hours at “the barn” and more time riding horses. The chance to learn so much from such passionate people has been a blessing for our daughter. The lessons have gone beyond horse riding and horse care, to improved confidence, work ethic and general happiness.

            I enthusiastically recommend Strides Horsemanship to anyone interested in anything horse related, in any discipline, any experience level and a very proud supporter of over one and a half years.


Stephanie Vaughn

Parent of Strides Horsemanship Member

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