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Strides Horsemanship

Increasing horse related opportunities for our local community while promoting excellent horsemanship.

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Riding School - Longview, WA

We provide the horses and equipment! All ages and skill levels are welcome. We have both Western and English riding instructors. Our curriculum based lesson program teaches horsemanship and riding skills. Build your horsemanship & riding skills without the commitment of owning your own horse.

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Clinics & Shows

We offer a  variety of local events with great prizes for our local horse community. Mountain trail clinics & Shows at the Cowlitz County Fairgrounds with Mary Jane Brown clinics, haul in trail days at Strides Horsemanship, and traditional Open Horse Show Buckle series in 2023.

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Haul In Lessons

Get the help you need for that extra edge in the show ring, or to bring your own horse along in their training. We have variety of instructors, and facilities to accommodate everything from green to finished horses for lessons in a safe environment.

More than just a riding school

What we offer at Strides above all else is community. Access to horses or horse related activities is sparse in our area. We want every student or customer to walk away with a positive experience with horses and the community around them. Our "herd" loves our straight-forward approach to horsemanship and business. Come with an open mind, a willingness to learn, and a kind heart. We can't wait to welcome you to our "herd".


A conversation with Stride's herd bosses:


Learn to lay your
horse down on cue

Horse Training

Accelerate Your Horse Business Dreams with Our Course and Curriculum

Ready to dive into the world of horseback riding instruction? Gain access to the exact course curriculum, lesson plans, and insider knowledge that powers our thriving riding lesson program. Whether you're a passionate hobbyist looking to offer a few lessons after your regular job or someone with aspirations of opening your own riding school, our materials are the hidden gem behind successful community based riding program. Discover the behind-the-scenes gold that will guide you towards success as a riding school or instructor. Don't miss out on this invaluable resource. Click here to access our course and curriculum and pave your way to a rewarding journey in the equestrian industry.

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