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Client Testimonials

Mikkayla Myers is the most kind, compassionate and considerate person.  Her patience with people of all ages has brought her the reputation that makes me proud.  I have known Mikkayla since the day she was born, watched her grow up, work hard for what she wants and help anyone who may need help.

She has surrounded herself with all kinds of animals.  The bond she makes with them is one of trust and respect.  She will do whatever it takes to make them safe and healthy no matter how hard the situation may be.

The adversities that she has had to handle have made her stronger and even more determined to reach the dreams and goals she has set for herself. 

Diane Romaine

My daughter went to the spring break horse camp and LOVED it! She’s been wanting to get more into riding and this was the perfect start for her at a great place and with an amazing group of people. Can’t wait for future camps and getting signed up for lessons. Thank you Leilani, Mikkayla, Brooke and everyone who made it possible.

Dillon Parker

100% Recommend!!! We have had a great experience with Strides. Mikayla is a fantastic instructor and I am so happy for the experience my daughter is able to get without our family owning a horse of our own. The lessons have encompassed many aspects of horsemanship beyond riding that are so important all with safety in mind. Very thankful we found Strides!

Stephanie Corrinne

Our family loves Strides. Mikkayla is the instructor we work with, but everyone we've met is just as friendly and kind as she is. Mikkayla is so knowledgeable and made my daughter feel comfortable right away. She is patient, gives clear instruction and is always encouraging.

A Strides it feels like the focus is on learning how to care for and work with horses, not just how to ride in a competition.

They also have really fun day camps and events that are a perfect way to check it out.

Allison Jones

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