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Training A Horse To Lay Down On Cue, Without Force

Have you ever dreamed of experiencing a profound emotional connection with your horse? Imagine the joy and wonder of watching your equine companion lay down on cue, a testament to the trust and deep bond you've nurtured together. It's not just a clever trick; it's a remarkable display of mutual understanding and respect. As your horse gracefully lowers itself, you can feel the harmony and relaxation emanating from its being, knowing that it's willingly sharing this vulnerable moment with you. The process of teaching your horse to lay down on cue is a journey of patience, gentleness, and unwavering commitment, but the rewards are immeasurable. This newfound skill not only strengthens your emotional connection but also serves as a powerful tool for reducing stress and anxiety in your beloved horse. And when the time comes to mount, you'll experience a whole new level of trust and cooperation, as your horse willingly offers its back for you to climb aboard. The joy of achieving this extraordinary feat together is an unforgettable experience, deepening the love and understanding between horse and rider beyond measure.

Here at Strides we've developed a method of training horses to lay on cue that doesn't involve force. No ropes or holding up of a leg is necessary. Read all about it here.

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