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Baby Horses At Strides

We are thrilled to announce the arrival of two adorable baby horses that have joined our ranks. Please join us in welcoming Groot, a colt with 3/4 Friesian and 1/4 Andalusian heritage, and Sybil, a beautiful bay roan AQHA filly. These precious foals have captured our hearts, and we couldn't be more excited to share the joy and the journey of raising them with our students.

Introducing Groot: First, let us introduce you to Groot, an enchanting colt with a lineage that combines the elegance of Friesians and the spirit of Andalusians. With his sleek black coat and graceful movements, Groot is already displaying the characteristics that make his heritage so special. Our team is dedicated to providing him with a nurturing environment where he can grow into a confident and well-rounded horse.

The Experience of Raising a Friesian-Andalusian Colt: Raising a foal is an incredible experience that we believe enriches our students' understanding of horsemanship. We invite our students to witness the milestones in Groot's journey, from his first tentative steps to his playful interactions with other horses. Through regular observation and hands-on participation, our students gain invaluable insights into horse behavior, development, and the importance of building a trusting bond from the earliest stages.

Groot, named after the lovable character from the Guardians of the Galaxy, embodies a spirit of strength, resilience, and loyalty. Just like his namesake, our Groot possesses a captivating presence and a gentle nature that instantly captures the hearts of everyone who meets him.

Meet Sybil, the Bay Roan AQHA Filly: Sybil, our charming bay roan American Quarter Horse Association (AQHA) filly, has brought another level of excitement to Strides. With her striking coat and athletic build, Sybil is a captivating addition to our equestrian family. We are committed to guiding her growth and helping her reach her full potential as a versatile and well-trained horse.

Learning and Growing Together: At Strides, we believe that sharing the experience of raising foals with our students creates a unique and comprehensive educational environment. As our students witness the foals' progress and participate in their care, they develop a deep appreciation for the responsibilities and joys of horse ownership. This firsthand involvement instills values such as patience, empathy, and dedication, which are vital not only in horsemanship but also in life.

Building Lasting Connections: We are excited to foster the connection between our students and these extraordinary foals. Through grooming sessions, groundwork exercises, and supervised interactions, our students develop meaningful relationships with Groot and Sybil. These connections promote confidence, compassion, and effective communication skills, which are essential elements of successful horsemanship.

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