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Here at Strides we are more then just a riding lesson program. We include our students in every aspect of horse care and horsemanship. We want every student to be prepared for responsible horse ownership someday!

Last week our veterinarian Big Creek Veterinary Services, LLC came and floated the horse’s teeth and gave them their annual vaccinations.

Our members program includes one weekly riding lesson, one weekly group horsemanship lesson, opportunities to spend time at the barn, and invites to special events like this!


What do we love?

Horsemanship class!

Our instructors work hard every week to provide our members with an interactive weekly class for our members. We were so excited to have Smooth Moving Equine come out as our guest speaker and teach our students the importance of body work on our horses!

Our students receive

weekly riding lessons

weekly horsemanship lessons

extra barn hours every week

members only horse shows

Send us a message today while class spots are still available

Our Members Only Horse Show was an absolute blast!! Our riding program now offers a handful of members only shows per year just for our students. We provide the horses & equipment. The Strides Horsemanship member program is a monthly commitment that comes with a weekly riding lesson, weekly group horsemanship lesson, opportunities to spend extra time at the barn, and fun events like this one!

Thank you to all of our members for being so supportive of each other and maintaining this environment of fun & happiness.

Thank you to DirtRoadRambler on IG for the fabulous photography

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